The GardenBeam

Finally there is a beam antenna for amateurs who live in suburbs or restricted areas where they can not raise a tower. Or just for those who like to keep the peace with their wives or neighbors, many of who do not believe that a 25 meter tall tower enhances the looks of their neighborhood. Whatever the reason, the GB is a beam that will seriously enhance your ability to do DX without a tower or the space required by a vertical array.


GB Remote Antenna Switch Via Coax.

The new system: without supplement command cable!

  • GB SW-3 and GB SW-5  /3 and 5 antenna port/ for 1-54 MHz.
  • Tested wih more than maximal legal power (on 1-30MHz 2kW, on 6m 1kW) continued cw signal.
  • Simple using everywhere.  
  • Usable with 100m ~300 feet RG-58 coaxial cable,
  • or much more cable lenght with a better quality coax.
  • The outside box is UV and water resistant.
  • The low voltage DC power supply working: 110-240V~ 50-60Hz.
  • Max DC current: 150mA.