The GardenBeam

Finally there is a beam antenna for amateurs who live in suburbs or restricted areas where they can not raise a tower. Or just for those who like to keep the peace with their wives or neighbors, many of who do not believe that a 25 meter tall tower enhances the looks of their neighborhood. Whatever the reason, the GB is a beam that will seriously enhance your ability to do DX without a tower or the space required by a vertical array.

The GardenBeam is a vertically polarized 20/15/10 meter, rotatable parasitic beam that performs well from low heights. Unlike a horizontally polarized Yagi, which must be mounted at least 1/2 wavelength above ground to have low enough radiation angle for DX (which is 10 meters at 14 MHz), the GB's vertical polarization gives it low angle radiation from as low as 3 meters (10 feet). The GB has gain, good front-to-back ratio and rejection from the sides. Everything you expect from a Yagi; all without the tower!

GB will not outperform a high quality Yagi mounted on a 30 meter tall tower. But it will be 4 to 6 dB better than a vertical mounted at ground level. Its sharp front-to-back (F/B) will allow you to null out QRM or QRN, and its inherently low angle of radiation will let you reach the DX with authority.