GB Remote Antenna Switch Via Coax.

The new system: without supplement command cable!

  • GB SW-3 and GB SW-5  /3 and 5 antenna port/ for 1-54 MHz.
  • Tested wih more than maximal legal power (on 1-30MHz 2kW, on 6m 1kW) continued cw signal.
  • Simple using everywhere.  
  • Usable with 100m ~300 feet RG-58 coaxial cable,
  • or much more cable lenght with a better quality coax.
  • The outside box is UV and water resistant.
  • The low voltage DC power supply working: 110-240V~ 50-60Hz.
  • Max DC current: 150mA.

Description: GB-SW3 & GB-SW5 Remote Antenna Switch

  • GB-SW3 and GB-SW5 Remote Antenna Switches allow the convenient feeding of multiple antennas via a single coaxial cable. Control voltages are carried over the coax cable, eliminating the need for a separate control cable. The switches can carry full legal power (1500 W from 1.5 to 30 MHz, and 1000 W at 54 MHz) and were designed to provide reliable operation over extended periods of time.
  • Built-in Gas Discharge Surge Arresters provide lightning protection. The GB-SW3/5 overcomes the RX signal degradation that occurs over time with cheaper switches, where high power relays are used to switch very low level signals. 
  • This is mainly caused by the build-up of oxide and contaminants on the relay contacts, which, break down and disappear at high power, but can cause noisy and intermittent reception.
  • To prevent this, the GB-SW3/5 adds a DC "wetting current" that is fed through the relay contacts, which, in conjunction with the sealed and self-wiping contacts of the relays, will ensure reliable and noise-free RX operation for many years. The GB-SW3/5 consists of two units: the Remote Unit, which is generally installed on a tower or at the base of vertical antennas, and the Control Unit, which is installed at the operating position.
  • The Remote Unit is water and UV resistant and is designed for outdoor use.
  • Control voltages from the Control Unit are carried to the Remote Unit via the antenna coax cable.
  • The maximum length of usable coax depends on the DC resistance of the cable.
  • Generally, larger diameter cables have lower resistance, but note that some cables use copper plated aluminum or steel inner conductors, which, while perfect at HF, can have higher DC resistance.
  • Consult your cable specifications for DC resistance.
  • For a guide, operation will be reliable via 300 meters (1000 feet) of RG-8 type coax. In most cases, however, coax RF losses will become prohibitively high long before the operation of the switch will be effected.


  • Frequency Range 1 to 54 MHz
  • Insertion Loss 1 to 30 MHz : 0.13 dB Max.
  • 30 to 54 Mhz: 0.18 dB Max.
  • Add. SWR 1 to 30 MHz : 1.05 Max.
  • 30 to 54 MHz : 1.17 Max.
  • Power 1 to 30 MHz : 2000 W CW and SSB, 1500 W RTTY *
  • 30 to 54 MHz : 1000 W CW and SSB, 800 W RTTY *
  • Coax Cable, Max R
  • Lightning Protection 600 V Gas Discharge Tubes, 5,000A Max at 10 uS
  • AC Supply: 110 to 240 V AC, 50/60Hz (Adaptor supplied.)
  • Power Consumption:
  • Operating Temperature: Remote Unit -30 to +45 degrees C°. ; Control Unit 0 to +35 degrees C°. Non Condensing.
  • Weight, Outdoor Unit 980 g.
  • Control Unit 800 g.
  • Dimensions, Outdoor Unit: 200x150x90mm
  • Control Unit: 200x60x170mm

Notes: * Switch position should NOT be changed while transmitting. Ensure that the correct antenna port is selected before applying power!

GB-SW3 & GB-SW5 models

Matching high power remote antenna switch for your garden beam. The new system: NO need for control cable: Coax carries both RF and control signals.

  • GB SW-3: Three Port remote switch. GB SW-5: Five port switch.
  • Frequency range: 1.5 to 54 MHz.
  • 2 kW on 1.8 to 30 MHz, 1 kW on 54 MHz, key down cw signal.
  • Easy to use. Rugged. Suitable for DXpeditions.
  • Operates over 500 m (1500 feet) of RG-8 coax. Usable on 150m (450 feet) of RG-58 coaxial cable,
  • The remote unit is UV and water resistant.
  • Main adapter accepts 110 to 240V AC, 50-60Hz. (for 24 V DC)
  • Max DC current: 150mA.